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As we all know, our property has been reassessed 3 times in the last 4 years. 

We are left with extremely overinflated assessments that are not based on reality.

Schaffer and The Town Council Assert:

  • New York State ordered the reassessments

  • The Town Assessor did them on his own

The Reality:

  • New York State does, periodically, request reports from localities detailing property assessments.

  • The State does NOT mandate that assessments be at full market value.

  • The State did NOT require any change in our assessments.

This is the chart on the Broome County Website Http://

It shows the towns that submitted property

assessment data in 2022.

For each town listed, the state compared the assessments submitted by each town to their calculations of the full market value of the properties (at the inflated 2022 housing market prices).

For example, a listing of 56% indicates that the properties are assessed at 56% of the full market value of the properties.

All of the towns reported to the state, as required.

Only Vestal chose to assess at 100%, based on the extreme, over-inflated market.

Every other town chose not to hurt their residents.

Shaffer and the Town Board knowingly, deliberately raised our assessments to levels that are not based on reality.  They did not have to do it, but they did.

Then they lied about it.

Now you have a choice.

Vote Schaffer out and the Town Council out.

It can be fixed.

~ Maria ~

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