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The Town pool must be rebuilt.

The way Schaffer and the Town Board handled the matter is unacceptable, in every conceivable way. 



The pool hasn’t been used since 2019.  It required repair, but they chose not to do it. 

Instead, they let it sit, unrepaired and unused for four years, causing more damage. 

As a consequence, it cannot be fixed, and has to be demolished and rebuilt, at a cost of 4 million dollars.


Lack of Fiscal Responsibility:

In April, the Town Board authorized 4 million dollars of bonds to fund the  demolition and rebuilding of the pool.

Months later, (in June) after it hit the media, Schaffer and the Board scrambled and announced that that the State and County would chip in (a total of) one million dollars. \

Then, months after that (in August), they announced that the remainder of the funds will be from the Town's American Rescue Plan Fund, and a few State and County programs. 

Funding for any project must be sought BEFORE a project has started and Town bonds authorized. 

They did the opposite, only seeking funding AFTER bonds were authorized and the project was underway. 

Would they have even sought funding at all if it wasn't an election year, with Schaffer's position in jeopardy?



All through this process, Schaffer and the Town Board refused to give any information (or answer any questions) about the funding of the project or even what would be built. 

No Input:

The Board chose the design of the pool.    

Why didn’t residents have any say in it?

All of this is unacceptable. 


Unfortunately, this is how Schaffer and the Town Board do everything. 


It needs to stop. 


Glenn, Robert and I believe that every resident of Vestal has a right to know how their money is spent, what projects are being considered and have a right to have a say in everything that is done. 

That is exactly what we will do.


For all major projects:​

·     A committee of volunteers will research the issue and field out possibilities.  They will look into the feasibility of each option and develop a list of final choices.  Each choice will include a drawing and a description of the proposed structure(s), as well as the approximate cost.

·     The specifics of each proposal (including the cost) will be posted on the Town website.  You will be able to read about each option and will see all of the information that I (and the Town Board) have. 

·     A community meeting will be held to answer questions and discuss the different options.  Individuals will be encouraged to ask questions and voice their opinions. 


Then you will help decide what is done:

·     A survey will be done by computer, with each qualified voter having a unique ID to ensure that the voting is fair.  One person, one “vote”.

·     An in-person option will be available to everyone who does not have access to a computer, is not “tech savvy” or chooses not to use the electronic method.  They will be able to attend an in-person meeting, during which I will go over all the options and answer any questions.  They will then be able to “vote” in person, by secret ballot, at the Town Office.


The residents of Vestal have a right to decide how their money is spent and what should be built. 

Vote for a  better Vestal.

~ Maria ~



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