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The Changes We Will Make


Real Representation, Input and Fairness

Complete Transparency:

Meetings will be recorded and available online, with complete minutes that convey all actions and remarks.  All the information that the Board has on issues, projects and budgets will be posted online (including costs) with summaries, notations regarding changes, and explanations. If we see it, you will see it.


Enhanced Communication and Real Input:

Electronic surveys, complete email responsiveness, Supervisor updates, expanded website information and (voluntary) electronic notifications.  Both residents and Town employees will be encouraged to email their opinions, problems and suggestions.  All emails will be read, considered, and answered.


Complete Professionalism:

In meetings, and in everyday interactions.



Favoritism will end. Decisions regarding town services, hiring and contracts will be decided based on the facts, not personal influence. Town employees will be guaranteed a professional, non-political workplace environment. 


Encouraging Volunteerism:

To assist with local activities and events and the improvement and beautification of parks, town land and flood damaged areas.


Substantial Improvements

Assessment Reductions:

Property reassessments when the market decreases.  Grievance hearing reform to ensure fair hearings. 


Budget Reduction:

Complete re-evaluation of expenditures.  Gradually, responsibly increasing efficiency while maintaining essential services and protecting our hardworking Town employees.


Control Taxes:

To ensure all Vestal residents can afford to live here.


Encourage Business Development:

In appropriate areas, while ensuring that they pay their fair share of taxes.


Limit Rezoning:

Consideration only after obtaining expert opinions, (real) public discussion and local consent. 


Comprehensive Plan:

Protecting residential areas and encouraging commercial revitalization in specific areas.


Positive Change:

Utilization of technology, dog friendly parks, a dog park, and solar power (cost efficiently, unobtrusively).


Prioritize Grant Writing:

Aggressively pursue federal and state funds for capital improvements, including flood mitigation and road improvement.


Appreciation of Our People and Institutions:

Our hardworking Town employees, all our volunteers (especially in the Fire Department and EMS) and the staff in the library and museum, who all serve our residents selflessly.


Improve Relations with:

Binghamton University and our Vestal schools.

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