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Where Did the Money Go?


Without a vote of the Town Board...

Without our permission or even knowledge...

After hiking our taxes...

And hiking our assessments THREE times...

The money is going...


Each section below is a budget category.

Original, full documents attached.



And a select group of his people

Enough said?

~ Maria ~

Schafer Salary 1.JPG
Position 1.JPG
Position 2.JPG

2022 Town of Vestal Final Budget

2023 Town of Vestal Final Budget

Department References:

A1220 - Town Supervisor         A1335 - Assessor           A1420 - Attorney          A1410 - Town Clerk

A1310 - Director of Finance         A1430 - Human Resources        A1440 - Engineer

A5010 - Superintendent of Highways - Transportation

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