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Why Must There Be Change?

(See my posts in "Maria’s Corner" for individual topics)


The decisions that Schaffer and the Town Board make directly impact the lives of every Vestal resident.


Yet they refuse to be transparent about their decisions, often purposely misleading or outright lying to the public.


What They Have Done


Assessments - Tax Hikes Without Notice, And Lying About It:

  • Three huge assessment increases in four years, unexpectedly.

  • The lies:

    • Assessment increases won’t increase your taxes. 

    • The Town Assessor went rogue and increased everyone’s assessments on his own.

    • The State made them increase assessments.


The Pool - Incompetence, Secrecy, Half-truths and Lies:

  • Four years without fixing it.

  • Claimed that we’re not going to have to pay for it, yet voting to approve four million dollars in bonds for the project.

  • Not answering questions (or giving any information) on how it will be funded. 

  • Not giving any information on when it will be completed.

  • No choice about what is built.



  • Surprise tax increases.

  • Surprise assessment increases.

  • Schaffer (and his select people) doubling their salaries secretly, hiding it.

  • No information regarding how much debt the Town is in, yet proposing new projects without consideration of cost.

  • Stating that there will be a new Town Hall, yet no choice or discussion (or even information) on how it will be funded.

  • Rezoning areas (or attempting to), ignoring the recommendations of experts and the strong opposition of residents.


Meetings - Undemocratic:

  • Yelling at people.

  • Not answering questions.

  • Not allowing input.

  • Listening to people’s opposition to something, then voting for it anyway.

  • Only having Town Board meetings that are required.

  • Having meetings that are less than 10 minutes (and seemingly taking pride in it).


Hurting Residents Without Thought Or Caring:

  • Huge assessment and tax increases.

  • No pool for 4 years.

  • Rezoning residential areas for large (non-Vestal) businesses (without discussion, or even notice).

  • Moved a firehouse right behind people’s houses, in the middle of a residential area.

  • When people went to the town Board Meeting to tell them that won’t be able to afford another tax hike (and would lose their houses), the board members each told them that they should be happy because they can get a lot of money for their house.



  • Why can’t we:

    • Have dogs in parks (leashed, picked up after).

    • Or have a dog park?

  • Not allowing someone to plant three trees in a park (his cost, his work, appropriate tree, appropriate location), citing that it might be a liability for the Town.

  • Not allowing a fundraiser for a non-profit in the library parking lot (one day event), citing that it would compete with local businesses, yet allowing other events and fundraisers on Town properties.



  • Favoritism in hiring for Town jobs, for their friends and relatives.

  • Preferential treatment in Town services if you know Schaffer or a member of the Board.

  • No appreciation and respect for our volunteer firefighters and EMS, and our town (paid) workers.

  • No appreciation for our library and choice not to get along with Binghamton University.

  • Blaming the schools and Binghamton University for our taxes (and other problems).


I could go on all day, and I have barely even touched on the topic of Schaffer’s behavior…yelling, bullying, intimidation, lying…

There is only one conclusion…

Enough is Enough.

Vote Schaffer Out

Election Day – November 7, 2023


~ Maria ~

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