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I keep hearing certain rumors about our candidacy and Maria Sexton’s position on town employees.  I would like to address the rumors and correct the information.


Rumor: These are one-issue candidates, the Bunn Hill Project

Reality: Full disclosure – I was perusing the Nextdoor website and saw a call to run for office in Vestal.  The call came from the group Responsible Vestal Zoning whose most most important issue is the Bunn Hill Project that will add a planned development about a mile up on Bunn Hill Road.  I was already thinking about getting into local politics in order to help my local community, and I saw that there was one council position open that did not have an incumbent wanting to get re-elected.  Thus I saw an opportunity to have a local group assist me in running a campaign.  So I contact them and started my candidacy with their help and support.

So yes, the Bunn Hill Project was the first issue I was interested in.  That was many months ago.  Since then I have read up on Town Board meeting minutes and received information about the work the incumbent council and supervisor have done (or not done) over the last twelve years of their tenure.  I have also spent a great deal of time talking with residents about the issues they have that have not been addressed by the town board.  I now understand there are many unrelated issues that should be addressed, yet have not been.  Also, that the incumbent government is not very transparent on key issues and is very bad about returning calls, returning emails and actually listening to the residents.

It is clear to me that there are many areas of improvement and development for Vestal.  The Bunn Hill Project is a big one, but not the only one!  You are here on our website.  Take a look!  Clearly Bunn Hill is not our “one-issue”.


Rumor: They have no experience with being in government.

Reality: None of us have held an elected government position, no.  All of us have had experience with working in and with government entities, some more extensively than others.  Read our bios to learn about that.  It is clear that the people spreading this particular rumor know nothing about us and have not visited our website.  We are sincerely encouraging voters to come meet us, speak with us directly and see who we truly are in order to make a more informed decision at the polls.  On the Home page you will find days/times we will be at the Vestal library for the public to meet with us.  I encourage anyone with questions to simply come and ask us.  We love talking to Vestal residents!

Besides, if government experience was a prerequisite, the incumbents would have never been elected!  There would be a resume/interview/selection process instead of a voter election.  The idea is to learn about the candidates and choose those who represent you the best.  The actual procedures are already spelled out and New York State has required training for all newly elected town supervisors and board members, so we will be properly trained before taking office.


Rumor: Maria will immediately replace key employees of the town, replacing them with her own hand-picked people.

Reality: Maria has already reached out to department heads to let them know their jobs and their employee’s jobs are secure.  Her commitment is to work closely with all departments to ensure all working employees of the town will continue in their current positions for the foreseeable future.  Like any employer, those who are not pulling their weight will be looked at and encouraged to improve, long before any consideration is given to removing anyone from their current job.  Maria knows it would be ridiculous to start replacing people after getting elected.  Where did that even come from?  Is that what Schaffer did when he was elected?  Is that where he got the idea?  All I know is that is NOT Maria’s plan!


Rumor: Maria Sexton takes three-month vacations.

Reality: I have watched Maria work the campaign.  I am very critical of our elected officials and I know that Maria has and will work a full five-day work week all year, assuming there will be SOME time off!  She is motivated, dedicated and energetic.  She has promised to work for all citizens of Vestal every day that she is Supervisor.  I have seen that she has the energy and qualifications to do just that.


Bottom line: If you believe the rumors and elect John Schaffer for Supervisor, you get what you deserve. 

Come to think of it, if you are an intelligent, reasonable person who has looked over this website and decided to vote for Maria Sexton for town Supervisor (even if you are not a Democrat), you will truly get what you deserve.  A supervisor who will listen to the residents, respond to them in a respectful manner and work hard every day for the Vestal taxpayers to improve the town and its government.

Best to you and yours - Glenn R. Miller

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