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Concerning the recent property assessment, let me tell you all about my experience in Prescott, Arizona.  I saw this same process play out due to retirees from California moving to Northern Arizona.  Property values skyrocketed, taxes went up dramatically, municipalities took in boatloads of money, government officials gave themselves big raises and cow-towed to land developers, profiteers ("investors") flipped properties without any improvements for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and residents who had lived there all their lives, raising children, were forced to sell and move away. 

The result was, and is, the local population being priced out of affordable housing, the 'flavor' (some would say Soul) of the community changing from "Everybody's Home Town" to a California retirement village, large tracts of land turning into 'Planned Developments', and angry residents who have lived there for many years unable to stop the destruction of their "Home Town".  It also caused/is causing infrastructure issues, water problems for residents on wells, increased crime and drug use, and a housing bubble that will, and already has ruined people's lives. 

I actually helped a resident get on the city council to block developers from ruining local landmarks around the area.  That effort was successful, so I decided I would try that here since I see all the same changes happening now and a Supervisor who doesn't care what the residents want and a Board who bows to the bullying will of the Supervisor. 

I could not stay complacent about this happening to the beautiful town I grew up in.

Help me keep Vestal an actual American "Home Town". 

Vote the old regime out. 

Vote in the General Election - November 7th.

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