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Why does Schaffer hate us?











There are 19 parks in Vestal. 

Only two allow dogs.


For people that have dogs, their dogs are an important part of their lives.

If they leash, pick up after and control their dog properly…why can’t they use the parks?








If a person does not obey the rules of a park, do you ban all people from the park?  No, of course not, you deal with that person.  The same applies to dog owners.

In most parks in New York State, dogs are welcome. 











Why not in Vestal?

And…what about a dog park?






Dog parks are relatively easy and inexpensive to set up and dog owners (and their dogs) love them.


End the doggie ban.

Vote for change.

~ Maria ~

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Sad cartoon dog.png
Sad dog 1.png
Sad dog 2.png
Happy dog 3.png
Happy dog 1.png
Happy dog 2.png
Happy dog 4.png
Dog park 1.png
Dog park 2.png
Doggy park.png
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