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  • Drastic changes in how the Town is run will occur immediately and real changes in Town policies will be developed. 

  • All Town business will be professional and respectful. 

  • Town residents will be encouraged to email their questions, problems, complaints and suggestions and they will be read, considered, and addressed. 

  • The issues that the residents raise will be addressed, as follows:

    • The Supervisor will read all the emails, sort them out, and consult with the relevant Town personnel to gain information.

    • Public community meetings will be held on each topic.  The meetings will be completely transparent and will focus on problem solving, encouraging full public input.  

    • Plans will be developed to address the problems.

    • Those plans will be presented to the Town Board for permission to implement them.



  • All public Town meetings will be transmitted via zoom, recorded and will be available for later viewing online. 

  • Budgets will always be posted, with notations regarding changes and summaries or explanations, if needed. 

  • Town regulations will be posted online in a clear, readable format.



  • The Town Supervisor will keep you apprised of everything going on in the town (including meetings, results of surveys, projects, local events, etc.). 

  • Calendars will be posted for Town meetings and events occurring in the community.

  • Each Town Department will have specific information posted regarding ongoing projects and upcoming events. 

  • Residents will be able to sign up for email reminders for upcoming Town meetings. 

  • Residents will have continuous, real input. 

  • All emails will be read, considered, and addressed. 

  • Surveys will be posted periodically, and the results will be considered in the establishing of Town policies. 

  • Town employees will be encouraged to identify problems and offer suggestions.



  • The allocation of Town resources will be based on need. 

  • The hiring of personnel will be based on qualifications. 

  • The awarding of contracts will be based on cost efficiency and quality of work.

  • Town employees will have a professional, non-political workplace environment. 

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