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A Better Town Government


Complete Transparency:

  • All public Town meetings will be recorded and available for viewing online. 

  • Minutes of all Town Meetings will be posted online, accurately conveying all issues, comments, and discussion.  

  • Budgets will be posted - with summaries, notations regarding changes, and explanations. You have a right to know where your money goes.

  • All the information that the Board has on issues, projects and budgets will be posted online (including costs) with summaries, notations regarding changes, and explanations. If we see it, you will see it.

  • Town regulations will be posted online in a clear, readable format.


Enhanced Communication and Resident Input:

  • The Town Supervisor will keep you apprised of everything going on in the Town (meetings, results of surveys, projects, local events, etc.). 

  • Residents will have continuous, real input. 

  • Electronic surveys will be conducted to ensure that every resident has real input in determining Town policies concerning projects and ongoing issues.  In each, all the facts, options and costs will be posted online so that residents can make an informed decision. An in-person option will always be available for those residents that are either not comfortable with technology or choose not to use it.

  • All emails will be read, considered, and answered.

  • The Town website will have expanded capabilities, including the ability to watch videos of meetings, check locations of ongoing work and participate in surveys.

  • The Town website will have expanded information, including ongoing projects and upcoming events. Calendars will be posted for Town meetings and local events.

  • The full Town Codes will be posted, but short, simple, quick reference lists (consisting of the most common inquiries) will be available:

    • Parking regulations.

    • Nuisance laws (noise, dog, etc).

    • Permit requirements.

  • Residents will be able to sign up for electronic notifications. 

  • Both residents and Town employees will be encouraged to email their opinions, problems and suggestions. 


  • All meetings will be professional, welcoming questions, input and discussion.

  • Town employees will interact in a professional manner at all times. 



  • Favoritism will end.

  • Decisions regarding town services, hiring and contracts will be decided based on fact and qualifications, not personal influence. 

  • Programs will benefit all, not just a select few.

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