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Dear Town employee:

During the process of petitioning and campaigning, I have spoken to many of you that work for the Town.  Thank you for finding ways to talk to me, despite your fears.  If it had been a couple of people saying such things, I might have believed that you were just a few disgruntled employees, but it wasn’t.  It was the norm, not the exception.  When so many people are saying the same thing, there is a serious problem.  No one should have to work in an environment like that. 

I was a supervisor as a police sergeant in the NYPD, supervising my own squad officers continuously and many other officers on a short-term basis for specific assignments.  I valued, appreciated, encouraged, and listened to my cops.  All good supervisors do. 

The work that you do for Vestal is invaluable. Whether you work in our offices, or in the field in our police, highway or parks departments, your work is important.  You take care of the residents of Vestal.

You have a right to a workplace that is free of:

  • Political pressure

  • Threats

  • Bullying

  • Retaliation

You deserve to work in an environment that is fair, professional, and free from politics, where you are:

  • Appreciated

  • Respected

  • Supported

  • Encouraged to identify problems and offer new ideas

To those of you that were afraid to be seen talking to me, yet found me at other times to let me know what is happening, this is your opportunity to change it.

No matter what the pressure is now, when you go into that voting booth, you can vote for anyone you want.  No one will ever know.

You have the power to change your workplace.

Vote for it!

~ Maria ~

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