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Their Real Salaries


In April I submitted FOIL requests to the State for (detailed) budget, tax, and salary information for Vestal for the last 14 years.  The State requested the information from Vestal.  The Town Clerk states that she never received the request from the State.   (FOIL request below.)

Thankfully, recently, several sources ensured that I received copies of several years of salaries.  Since I have now received the salary information from multiple sources, I am comfortable publishing them.  (Copies of the original documents below.)

The following documents and information are public information.  All residents have a right to it. 

As you will see, a few Town personnel received substantial increases in pay.  The increases were made secretly, without public knowledge or consent. 


Town of Vestal Salaries

Note - The salaries below DO NOT include health insurance, pension benefits, additional tasks (for additional pay), overtime (if applicable), or other pay or perks they may receive.





jpg chart.png
FOIL jpg.png

In Vestal, budgets and salaries should never be secret.

Everyone has a right to:

  1. Know how their tax dollars are spent.

  2. Have a real say in it. 

Glenn, Robert, and I will always ensure that all changes in salaries will occur publicly, with the full knowledge, input, and consent of the residents of Vestal. 

~ Maria ~

FOIL Request acknowledgment, April 15, 2023:

Vestal 2017 and 2022 Actual Salaries

(Original Documents)

Salary documents.png
salary doccuments 2.png
salary documents 3.png
salary documents 4.png
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