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Substantial, Concrete Improvements


Assessment Reductions:

  • The Board has chosen (unnecessarily) to conduct reassessments (repeatedly) when the market was extreme, drastically raising our assessments.

  • Since reassessments must always be done at full market value, we will conduct reassessments as the housing market goes down, strategically lowering assessments. 

  • Since reassessments will be conducted as the market decreases, assessments will be lowered as quickly as the housing market will allow. 

  • Reassessments will never be done every four years if the housing market increases.

  • The grievance hearing process will be substantially reformed, ensuring that all cases are fairly reviewed and inaccurate assessments are corrected. 


Budget Reduction:

  • The current Town Board increases the budget every year.  When the budget increases, taxes and/or deficit spending increases.

  • We will not continue on the same path.

  • The budget will be reduced - gradually and responsibly. 

  • Efficiency will be increased, essential services will be maintained and our hardworking Town employees will be protected.

  • A gradual reduction of the workforce will be achieved through attrition. 

  • All non-essential expenditures will be reconsidered.


Control Taxes:

  • Reducing the budget will control taxes.

  • We must ensure that our residents can afford to live here.


Encourage Business Development:

  • Business development will be encouraged - to ease taxes on residents and revitalize established commercial areas.

  • Business and Industrial development will only be allowed in appropriate areas.

  • Businesses will pay their fair share of taxes.


Limit Rezoning:

  • Rezoning will only be done with the full knowledge and consent of the residents.

  • Meetings will be held prior to any rezoning decisions, encouraging discussion and input.

  • Online surveys will be conducted to gauge public opinion, with all the facts and information available.

  • The mandated studies that are required for rezoning will always be conducted by qualified experts.

  • Residents will never be sacrificed for the economic benefit of businesses.


Comprehensive Plan:

  • A Comprehensive Plan will be developed - identifying commercial, industrial and residential areas. 

  • It will:

    • Identify commercial areas that need revitalization, encouraging business development. 

    • Protect residential areas (both suburban and rural) from unwanted commercial and industrial encroachment.


Positive Change:

  • Technology will be utilized as much as possible, increasing efficiency and expanding capabilities.

  • Dogs will be allowed in all Vestal parks.  Owners, of course, will be required to leash and pick up after them.

  • A dog park will be planned, with full public discussion and input.

  • Solar power will be considered and encouraged, as cost efficiently and unobtrusively as possible. 

  • Funding will be aggressively sought to protect the flood zones, maximizing the protection of both residents and businesses.


Prioritize Grant Writing:

  • Grants are necessary to obtain funding to improve Vestal, including flood mitigation, capital improvements and road repair/improvement.

  • Obtaining federal, state, and private funding will be a priority.


Appreciation of Our People and Institutions:

  • Ensuring that our hardworking Town employees are appreciated and supported and that they are guaranteed a workplace that is professional and free from favoritism, politics, and intimidation.

  • Supporting and appreciating all of our volunteers (especially those in our Fire Department and EMS), ensuring that they get all the training and equipment that they need. 

  • Supporting and appreciating the dedicated staff in the Vestal Library and Museum, ensuring that both are guaranteed the continuity that they need to apply for grants and have the best facilities possible.


Improve Relations:

  • Establishing a cooperative relationship with Binghamton University, maximizing the benefits for our residents.

  • Ensuring that the Town Board works cooperatively with the School Board, enabling all efforts to be as effective and productive as possible.

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