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Ways You Can Help


Glenn, Robert and I are dedicated to making real change in Vestal. 

The current Town Board has made very bad decisions about so much -  giving us sky high assessments and taxes,  irresponsible rezoning (and so much more).  The really horrible thing is that all of it was unnecessary.  Nothing was mandated by anyone else; they were deliberate, conscious choices of the Town Board.

We are ready to tackle all the tough issues, completely transparently, with maximum public input.   All of our plans are detailed on this site. 

We can only change things, though, if we get elected. 

Although we won the primary decisively (I defeated Schaffer and Glenn and Robert defeated Fitzgerald), our fight is far from over.  We still face a tough race in the general election.  I will be facing Ted Wolfe (running as a Republican) and Schaffer (now running as a Conservative).  Glenn and Robert will be facing McPherson. 

We need all the help that you can give us in this campaign, so that we can make the changes our residents need and deserve. 

There Are Many Ways You Can Help Us

  1. Donate – Unfortunately, campaigns cost a lot of money.  There isn’t any way around it.  Lawn signs, literature, advertising, and campaign mailings all cost a lot.  If you can, please donate whatever you can.  We now have merchandise available with donations.  We appreciate all donations, and we always use all donations wisely.

  2. Display our lawn sign – Show your support and give everyone our website information.

  3. Talk to people – Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors.  Tell them about us and encourage them to learn about us on our website.

  4. Social Media – Use social media to let people know about us and encourage them to go to our website.

  5. Host a gathering – Invite a few friends/family/neighbors over for an informal gathering and invite us to attend.  One (or more) of us will attend and be available to answer questions, talk about issues and listen to problems and ideas.  We welcome every opportunity to meet and talk to people.

  6. Invite us to a group event – Invite us to talk to a neighborhood, social, political, or religious gathering.  We would welcome the opportunity to speak, or just attend. 

  7. Help us raise funds – Organize a fundraising event or help at an event.  If you have any ideas, please email us.

  8. Go door to door – Help us go door to door, giving out literature.  Depending on your comfort level, you can either knock on doors and talk to people, or simply leave a flyer in front of doors.  Both are tremendously helpful.

  9. Wear our T–shirts – Every time you wear our T–shirt, you are helping us let people know about the website.  

  10. Join our contact list -  Our emails will give you information on scheduled "meet and greets", fundraising events, and more.  Please encourage others to sign up as well.  

Other ideas how you can help?  Please let us know. 

Email us at

You can make a difference.

~ Maria ~

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