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Real Democracy For Vestal

Candidates who will Deal With the Real Issues of Vestal

(Taxes - Assessments - Budget - Comprehensive plan)

(Flood Mitigation - Embracing Technology)

And the ONLY Candidates Looking to the Future

While Protecting our hard-working Town Employees

General Election


November 7

 Meet the Candidates 

 at the Vestal Library: 

 Thursday Evenings 

 from 7-8 pm 

Vestal Candidates

Voting Information:

We believe that the Vestal Town Government must change.  The Town Supervisor and the Town Board must truly represent all the people of Vestal.  They must listen to them, answer their questions, consider their input, try to solve their problems and (above all) respect them.  They must also be transparent.  Vestal residents must be able to see the budget, read about issues and know everything the Supervisor and Board do.   That does not occur now, but it can, and must.  We have the experience, education, skills, energy and dedication necessary to make Vestal Town Government truly democratic.

Lawn Sign

Display A Lawn Sign!

Please help us get the word out by placing a lawn sign on your property during the campaign.  Our time to election is short, so thank you so much for your help!

Thank you for helping!


Help us bring Real Democracy to Vestal, please donate what you can.

You can donate with a check, via Zelle or PayPal.

Thank you!

Mail your check to:
P.O. Box 869, Vestal, NY  13851

Make checks out to:  Committee to Elect Sexton, Greene and Miller


NOW you can get limited edition merchandise by donating!9

Coffee mug for a minimum $20 donation!

T-Shirt for a minimum $30 donation!

Donations of $100 or more get one of each!

One of the candidates will hand-deliver the mug or T-shirt to each donor!!

(Invite your friends/neighbors over to meet us.)

(Guaranteed for Town of Vestal residents only.)

New Coffee Mug.JPG

Individual - $3,ooo ($1,000 per candidate)

Family   -   $14,667 ($4,889 per candidate)

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